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Delaney’s Law Firm has been closing real estate deals for ten years.  The firm is conveniently located downtown.  The rates that Delaney’s Law Firm charges are some of the lowest in the city and the price point is very competitive.

Real Estate Closing costs

Here is a breakdown of our residential real estate fees:

Purchase:   $999 plus HST

Sale:  $899 plus HST

Refinance:  $699 plus HST

New Condo Purchase:  $1199 plus HST

Tenanted property (up to 2 rental units):  $1,395


Real Estate Disbursements – Purchase

Registration on title: $75.63 each
(regularly two per transaction – one for transfer of ownership, one for registration of mortgage)

Sheriff’s Certificate: $11.65 each
(certificates must be printed for all current owners and new owners on title)

Abstract of Title: $350 – $500.00 +HST approx.

Title Insurance Policy: $189 – $500.00 (condos less expensive than freehold)

Courier Fees: $40.00+HST total

Certified Cheques: $15.00+HST each

Tax Certificate on Property: $69.00+HST total

Status Certificate (Condos only) $100.00 + HST

Conveyancer usage fee: $25 + HST

Real Estate Disbursements – Sale

Transaction Levy: $65.00+HST
(charged from our practice insurance for coverage on all transactions not proceeding by way of title insurance)

Sub-search of Title: $40.00+HST approx.

Courier Fees: $40.00+HST total

Certified Cheques: $15.00+HST each

Tax Certificate on Property (if you can’t provide a copy): $68.00+HST total

Conveyancer usage fee: $25 + HST

Real Estate Disbursements – Refinance

Registration on title: $74.72 each
(regularly one per transaction – registration of mortgage)

Sub-search of Title: $40.00+HST total

Sheriff’s Certificate: $11.50 for each person

Title Insurance Policy: $118.00 (approximate)

Courier Fees: $40.00+HST total

Certified Cheques: $15.00+HST each

Conveyancer usage fee: $22.50

First time homebuyers

If you have purchased a home then you have a lot of work to do.  If you are a first-time homebuyer,  you may also have a few questions and would like to speak with someone.  The real estate lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm will help take you from having a signed agreement of purchase and sale to having the keys in your hand.  You can close with confidence if you choose Delaney’s Law Firm to handle your real estate transaction.

If you have a real estate closing from the sale of your home then things will also be busy, although somewhat less so.  The real esate lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm will work with you to resolve any potential issues that may arise and will ensure that the deal goes as smoothly as possible.  The lawyers will meet with you and review the financials in the transaction with you.  They will advise as to your obligations and protect your interests throughout.


Mortgage and refinance closings are also handled by the firm.  The lawyers understand the necessity for a prompt closing and will get the mortgage registered with the Ottawa land registry system as quickly as possible.

Other real estate legal services

Residential real estate closings are not the only transactions handled by the real estate lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm.  The lawyers can review commercial leases, advise on acquisitions, asset management, leases, liens, title defects, litigation, severances and planning, OMB hearings, and more.  If you have a real estate matter the lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm will be able to give you the advise that you need. For more information on how this process works, please refer to our FAQ

If you would like to contact us email or call (613) 233-7000.