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Personal injury

Experienced Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers

Most personal injury cases involve automobile accidents.  Delaney’s Law Firm has handled various auto accident cases in the past.  Whether it’s a car accident involving two vehicles, a pedestrian accident, a bicycle accident, or a multi-car accident the lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm will have the experience necessary to handle your matter.

Types of personal injury cases

The personal injury lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm have experience with many different kinds of personal injury cases.  They will be able to understand the nature and impact of your injury.  The firm’s personal injury lawyers put your rehabilitation at the forefront and will connect you with service providers to help your recovery.  They will engage experts to help describe the impact that your injury is having on your life.  Some of the types of personal injury cases that the personal injury lawyers have handled include:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • wrongful death
  • traumatic brain injury and spinal cord cases
  • products liabilty
  • slip and fall
  • disability and life insurance

There are also personal injury cases that aren’t car accidents.  Slip and falls are common in grocery and retail stores that don’t take appropriate measures to care for the customers that regularly occupy their space.  Dog bites can leave serious scars and cause trauma.  Recreational vehicles, boats, planes, can also have accidents causing injury.  The lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm have handled a wide variety of cases in the past and they have the experience necessary to handle your case from start to finish.

Start making your case

The first step of the process is to meet with one of the lawyers to have your case reviewed.  They will discuss your injuries and the impact that they are having with you.  They can provide helpful advice on the spot.  If you’d like to move forward and retain Delaney’s Law Firm for your personal injury case we will prepare and review a retainer with you.  A retainer is a contract that governs the expectations of the lawyer and the client going forward.

No-win, no fees

Personal injury lawyers are unique in that they handle most cases on a contingency basis.  Contingency retainers mean that the lawyer will only get paid if he wins/settles your case.  If you are unsuccessful at trial there is a zero balance owing to your lawyer.  You may have to pay a portion of the other side’s legal fees, however.

There is a real benefit to clients hiring lawyers on a contingency basis.  It transfers the risk of the litigation to the lawyer.  It prevents having expensive legal bills coming in during a time when clients are focusing on getting better.  It also motivates the lawyer to get as much compensation for your injury as is possible. For more information, please refer to our FAQ

If you would like to start the process and meet with one of our personal injury lawyers please email or call (613) 233-7000.