Personal Injury Lawsuits – Jason Benwell

Jason Benwell works alongside personal injury lawyer Mary Dube.  His areas of specialization include personal injury and wills and estate administration.

Personal Injury law clerks perform several important functions in personal injury litigation.  They will organize and prepare the documents necessary to evaluate the claim.  These documents could include expert reports, weather reports, motor vehicle accident reports, hospital records and so on.  The number of documents can number in the hundreds and even thousands.  The Personal Injury clerk will obtain these documents and keep them organized for the lawyer to employ during the case.  The clerks will also drive the file forward by co-ordinating court dates, mediations, and discoveries.  They are the main point of contact for the client and the lawyer.

Jason will also prepare standard wills and powers of attorneys for clients.  He is able to effectively guide clients through the estate administration process.  Jason is responsive to client inquiries and will keep you up to date on where your case is, and where it is going.  If you would like to reach Jason email him at

He can also be reached at (613) 233-7000.