Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer – Bryan Delaney

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Bryan Delaney is an Ottawa real estate lawyer who was called to the bar in 2004.  He founded Delaney’s Law Firm as one of the first paperless law firms in Ottawa in 2006.  Bryan is a general practitioner with experience in real estate law, personal injury litigation, family law, employment law, alternative dispute resolution,  commercial real estate law and appellate advocacy.  He has appeared at various tribunals and courts across Ontario and has handled thousands of real estate transactions on behalf of clients.

Skill sets

Bryan is an excellent communicator who can identify issues quickly.  He offers practical advice and is often able to resolve conflicts quickly and without incurring significant legal expenses.  When called upon Bryan is an extremely effective advocate who is well known by the judges in Ottawa for his clarity and preparation in the courtroom.   Bryan always tries to settle disputes at a minimal cost to clients.  When forced into the courtroom, however, Bryan is a tough and seasoned advocate.

Why choose Bryan as your Ottawa Real Estate lawyer?

Bryan’s background in litigation has always provided him with additional insight in the practice of real estate law.  Residential real estate closings typically go smoothly, however if issues arise experience in litigation can be invaluable.  Bryan’s knowledge and experience in multiple practice areas is a real asset to his clients as an.

Bryan is also responsive and there for his clients.  He returns phone calls in a timely manner and keeps clients informed throughout their matter.  Bryan is an approachable lawyer who is respected for his intelligence and skill in the practice of law.  With ten years of experience this Bryan has established himself as a creative and dynamic individual with tested leadership skills.  He’s a respected member of the bar in Ottawa and will be a contributor for years to come.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Bryan please email, or call (613) 233-7000.