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Types of Personal Injury Cases

Mr. Delaney has successfully represented personal injury clients in a variety of cases including; Motor vehicle accidents, Statutory Accident Benefits claims, Wrongful death cases Short and long term disability insurance claims, Products liability cases and Occupiers’ liability cases including slip/trip and falls.

Bryan is compassionate and sensitive to his client’s needs and is willing to fight for their rights to fair compensation. He has helped clients with Brain injuries, Spinal cord injuries, Fractures and other orthopaedic injuries, Chronic pain, Injuries caused by animals: bites/attacks and Psychological injuries etc.

Ottawa Personal Injury lawyer Bryan Delaney has over ten years experience in personal injury law and is recognized as a respected member of the personal injury bar in Ottawa.  He has successfully litigated complex aircraft cases, highly contested catastrophic injury files, and appeared before judges at appellate and superior courts.

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There are limitation periods and timelines that are involved in personal injury cases that are important.  If you need legal advise don’t delay – that delay could prejudice your case and put you in a more precarious situation.

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