Ottawa Family Lawyer – Bryan Delaney

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Ottawa Family lawyer – Bryan Delaney

Ottawa Family Lawyer Bryan Delaney has been practicing family law for over fifteen years.   Family lawyers and judges in Ottawa recognize Bryan for his skill and expertise in family law.

Bryan can help with any family law issues, including custody and access, support and the division of property.  He can negotiate a fair deal and draft a separation agreement.

Bryan works hard to build a relationship of trust with his clients.  He resolves conflicts quickly, ensuring the client is well-informed with good advice.  He is also a  formidable family law litigator who will advocate strongly for his clients if necessary.

Bryan lives in Ottawa with his wife and three children.  His current community project is to “make Hallowe’en meaningful again” – by bringing back the old Unicef style boxes for children to fundraise with.  The proceeds are going to support Ottawa’s Indigenous Community, in part inspired by the late great Gordon Downey of the Tragically Hip.

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