Ottawa Estates Lawyer – Ryan Kang

Ottawa Wills and Estates LawyerOttawa Estates Lawyer

Ottawa Estates lawyer Ryan Kang focuses his practice on wills and estates, and real estate law.  Prior to joining Delaney’s Law Firm as the firm’s estates lawyer Ryan worked in Toronto as both a lawyer and a professor.  He has both a Juris Doctor degree and a Masters of Arts in public policy.  Ryan has worked pro bono to help refugees process their immigration claims and is a compassionate advocate.  He is fluent in both English and Korean.

Skill sets

Ryan’s strengths lie in his attention to detail and his thoroughness with respect to his practice.  He has spent a considerable amount of time focusing on wills early on in his career.  He can handle all aspects of estate administration and real estate work.  He is further versed in business law and can handle the purchase/sale of a business, charity status and trademark applications, powers of attorney, and notarizations.

If you would like to book a consult with Ryan email or call (613) 233-7000.

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