Free consultations

If you are looking for an Ottawa lawyer but are unsure about your case you can call Delaney’s Law Firm and get a free 30 minute consultation with one of the firm’s lawyers.

Ottawa lawyer - free consultation

Finding the right lawyer can be challenging and Delaney’s Law Firm is able to help.  The free consultation allows you to speak with the lawyer and get an idea of what his/her personality and style are like.  All of the lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm are experienced and dedicated to helping people.  There will be instances where 30 minutes just simply won’t be enough time.   In those cases (usually complex matters, requiring a review of documents) the lawyer will ask that you book a full consultation.  The charge for a full consultation is typically in the $175-$400 range, unless you are a personal injury client.  The firm doesn’t charge people that have been injured a fee for the consultation because they are typically unable to work and may not have access to resources.

Once you call or email the law office one of the staff will schedule your 30 minute consultation during business hours.  Typically clients will call into the firm and be transferred to the lawyer handling the consultation.  If the lawyer is temporarily unavailable he/she will call you back shortly thereafter.

In order to maximize the value of your consultation you should give the lawyer a brief summary of the background facts and the issue that you want resolved.  After your initial summary it is good practice to allow the lawyer to ask questions and get the necessary information from you quickly in order to provide his/her summary advice.  This saves time and allows the lawyer to get all of the pertinent information without having to sift through your story for it.

The firm’s primary practice areas are real estate, family law and personal injury, but the lawyers also have experience in a wide variety of other areas.  Call the office and see if one of the attorneys can help – there is no charge after all!