Legal services

Lawyers Practice Areas

Ottawa lawyers often have two or three different practice areas that they work in throughout the year.  Often lawyers will experience slow periods in one particular practice area (real estate lawyers aren’t busy in December) and so they pick-up a second area of experience to help moderate their cash flow.  The lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm are no different.

Legal Services

We have created a list of legal services here that isn’t comprehensive.  Our lawyers are continuously learning through continuing legal education and through the unique cases that they handle on a daily basis.  If you have a legal matter please call us.  Even if our lawyers don’t have the necessary expertise we can still refer you to someone that does.  The lawyers at Delaney’s Law Firm have experience with some of the other lawyers in Ottawa and you could benefit from that experience.  We don’t charge clients to refer them to other lawyers, although we may collect a referral fee from the other lawyer for doing so.  The Law Society prohibits clients from being charged for lawyer referrals.

Consultations with a lawyer

Our consultations are not free, with the exception of personal injury consults.  Why?  Because with many of our lawyers, if they offered free consultations they would literally spend 5-7 hours per day doing nothing but consults.  Our website gets in excess of three thousand hits per month and there are an abundance of people that require legal expertise.  We are doing our best to help as many as we can but have to generate revenue in order to continue to stay in business.

We don’t charge for personal injury consults for a few reasons.  The first is that people that have been injured typically won’t have very much money because they have been unable to work.  Personal injury clients are particularly vulnerable.  Their cases are also much more valuable – sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Because of the scale it is possible to offer free consultations and not take an operating loss.