Law Clerks

Law Clerks

The law clerks at Delaney’s Law Firm are the clients’ main point of contact with the firm. When the lawyers are in court, it’s the clerks that answer the phone. When the lawyers are in meetings, it’s the clerks responding to emails. They are diligent, hard working, and there to support you.  The law clerks are the engine that will drive your matter forward.   Law clerks have specialized training in a specific practice area. The firm’s law clerks are all graduates of a certified law clerk program at Algonquin college. They are experienced and knowledgeable and form the heart and soul of Delaney’s Law Firm.  The law clerks work primarily for certain lawyers in the firm.

Jason Benwell – Personal Injury Law clerk

Jason Benwell works closely with Bryan Delaney on personal injury files.

Rosana Yaworski – Real Estate Law clerk

Rosana Yaworski works with Bryan Delaney.  For more information on Rosana Yaworski follow this link.

If you are unable to reach one of the lawyers in the firm please contact one of the law clerks and schedule a teleconference with the lawyer handling your file.  The law clerks are also very knowledgeable – they may have the answer that you are looking for.