Finding a Personal Injury lawyer in Ottawa

If you have been seriously injured in an accident you should probably consult with a personal injury lawyer.   Delaney’s Law Firm has three personal injury lawyers that will be able to assist you with your case.  There is no charge to meet with one of the firm’s personal injury lawyers.

The first step is to call our office and book the consultation at (613) 233-7000.  The receptionist will arrange for a mutually convenient time to meet.  You should bring any important documents to the meeting including details of the accident, the mva police report, any medical records in your possession, et cetera.

Delaney’s Law Firm is a nearly paperless office.  That means that the lawyer will scan a digital copy of your records and return the originals to you.

The lawyer will be able to provide you with some basic and general advise on your claim at the outset.  If you wish to retain Delaney’s Law Firm the lawyer will review the options with respect to legal fees.  Most personal injury clients retain their lawyer on a contingency basis- meaning that accounts are only rendered if the case is settled or won.  The lawyers’ fee will be based on the amount that is recovered in the action.

There are almost always timelines and limitations periods with respect to accidents.  Don’t delay – contact the firm by completing the intake form below and ensure that your rights are protected.

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