Family Law FAQ

If you are having problems we are here to help. Our firm begins with a one hour needs assessment. The cost of this consultation ranges between $175.00 and $400.00 dollars. One of our lawyers will meet with you, ask questions about your situation, and offer advice on an appropriate response. You may or may not need to retain our firm depending on the kind of problem that you have. We encourage people to solve their own disputes in order to avoid legal fees.

What is your retainer? Our retainer will vary based upon our estimate of fees. The minimum retainer is $1,000.00. This amount will be applied against your accounts until it is depleted. We will then ask you for further amounts depending on your situation and case.

How long will it take? Family law files can settle immediately or take as long as three years or more.

How much will it cost? A reasonable estimate of fees to prepare and proceed to the first appearance is $3,000.00. If an interim agreement can’t be reached a motion may be required, which will range between $3,000.00 and $8,000.00. The parties then proceed to a Settlement Conference with a judge, which is their last opportunity to settle prior to trial. This will range from $1,000.00 to $4,000.00. A trial will cost $3000.00 per day, with most trial being between one day and a week long. The above are guidelines and vary greatly depending on the number of outstanding issues and the complexity of the case.