Compliance Issues in buying a triplex

I recently acted for a client purchasing a triplex.  At least they thought they were buying a triplex.  The listing described the property’s current use as “a non-conforming triplex.”  I ordered a Report on Compliance from the City of Ottawa which revealed that the property’s current use could not be verified.  The report noted:

“A three-unit dwelling is a listed permitted use in the R4F[480] zone of By-law 2008-250 however there are no building permit records establishing a three-unit dwelling use at this location.  Our building permit records indicate a duplex dwelling with roomers at this location.”

Is this a significant issue?  Yes.  It appears as though at some point in the 80’s one of the previous owners converted this old garage into a bedroom for rent.   Essentially what the purchasers were buying is a duplex with an illegal unit. This becomes an issue because the lender – in this case CIBC – had completed their appraisal based on the property being a triplex.  The appraisal was based on other triplexes which increased it’s appraised value.  If only two of the units are legal the property is technically a duplex and this would affect the market value of the investment.

The other issue is that the City of Ottawa could intervene at some point (ie. a tree falls on the garage) and require the owners to bring the garage up to code.  In that case you have to get a new survey, hire an architect, get plans drawn, get a new building permits – tens of thousands of dollars.  While it is unlikely that the city would intervene, this is a risk that the purchasers didn’t bargain for when they negotiated an agreement of purchase and sale.

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